In the wake of the ongoing saga from a recent study that compared the water flow output of various aquarium propeller pumps, Tunze is doubling its efforts to demonstrate the differences in flow quality of their stream pumps compared to a competitor that previously received high marks.

On Monday, Tunze released a video demonstrating how their stream pumps consistently produce a more laminar flow pattern with a larger range compared to the competitor (EcoTech Vortech) pump that creates a shorter but wider more turbulent flow pattern.

The nearly ten minute video starts with a tutorial on water flow and then dives in to explain how each test was conducted.   


Image Credit: Tunze

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A recent blog post on has an interesting report that ammonia could be building up in your aquariums water column.

Marc Levenson a well-known reef hobbyist finds that:

A few nice tanks full of corals have suffered from the additives cities are dumping into our drinking water to make it safer for human consumption. Our bodies are able to deal with this stuff usually, but our livestock is far more demanding by comparison. Something we rarely test is ammonia, a test kit relegated to back of your closet after the tank’s cycle has completed. 

Marc’s report gives evidence that ammonia from some local cities tap water is bypassing our filtration methods and building up in our aquariums top off water. Although it is usually not an issue in small amounts, his test results reveal that if you are replacing large amounts of water due to excessive evaporation or frequent water changes, your system could be at risk.

It will be interesting to see how many other hobbyists report a similar situation. As a precaution, I tested my own top off water, and I am glad to report no issues here.

To read Marc’s full report click on over here.

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Coral Magazine has reported that 85% of the magazine’s readers said they are expecting to use LED lighting as a major source of light in their future reef lighting plans.

The survey of more than 9,000 readers to date has also shown that metal halide and T5 fluorescents are currently still the workhorses in reef aquarium lighting.

From Coral Magazine:

The survey suggests that use of current-design metal halides and fluorescent bulbs could drop significantly in the coming years among reef enthusiasts.  Plasma lighting, on the other hand, appears to be another high-tech option, with CORAL readers showing a strong interest in learning more and with a ten-fold increase in usage expected.

Top 3 Factors in Choosing New Lighting

Full survey results are available to all. Here are the top 3 factors in selecting new lighting technology:
   1. Quality of light.   

   2. Operating cost (energy)

   3. Operating cost (replacement bulbs/parts)


The full results of the survey will be published in the September/October issue of Coral.

Want to take part in the survey? Click through here.

Image Credit: Flickr via Ecoxotic

In nature, you can never underestimate the sandy bottom of the ocean. The bare seabed’s play many roles and can be a master of deception.

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Just as everything seems to be going up in price again, Redfish magazine has entered the scene by offering free digital downloads on their monthly issues.

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At first glance, this might seem like your average photo of an anemone feeding on a piece of chopped clam that was placed in to its tentacles during feeding time…

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You are probably familiar with having microchips implanted in your family pet for identification, but now you can find them in fish at a Virginia Aquarium Exhibit.

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As many of you are aware, Animal Planet has released its first trailer for their highly anticipated new reality series called “Tanked”. The show will feature the crew from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) as they produce some of the coolest tanks in the nation, while giving us a look at what goes on behind the scenes from the initial plans to the completion of each project…

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A new study by Michael Sandford, William Straka, and Sanjay Joshi had some interesting results about how aquarium propeller pump flow rates measure up.

In their study, thirteen pumps from various manufacturers are put to the test to investigate a more accurate method to determine the flow rates of propeller pumps […]

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ORA – As of June 30, 2011 Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) is now operating under new ownership. With this change ORA is still committed to continuing their mission to produce and provide saltwater fish, corals, and invertebrates through sustainable aquaculture. We are also happy to report that their […]

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Panta Rhei a manufacturer of large public aquarium pumps is currently working on a smaller version of their aquarium water pump that will soon be available in the retail market. Check out this video as Reef Builders got the opportunity to test-drive the new Hydrowizard Medium at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. Note […]

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This tiny but gorgeous Orange Margined Butterflyfish (Prognathodes basabei) is headed to Blue Harbor.

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Check out this great photo of the underside of a Basket Starfish that decided to mount itself to the aquarium glass.


Image Credit: Gary Parr

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